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Sexual Subterfuge – Hiding Your Homoerotic Desires

Your Faggoty Fantasies Revealed

He’d pretended too long, he told himself. He’d spent far too many years pretending, going through the motions of alpha male masculinity. Sure, he looked the part, but deep inside he felt weak of knee in the presence of the real deal, a real man. Everyone treated him as equal, but sometimes… well, sometimes he knew better.  Sure, he was one of the guys, but clearly not the leader of the pack. Not like his friend Steve who oozed confidence and charisma. No, Steve… that’s a real man… a man he’d love to drop to his knees for.

Your Desire for Dicksucking

He shook off a wave of pure desire, thinking of Steve naked in the steam of the showers, glistening wet and half hard… still bigger than him fully erect. Steve would look at him oddly every now and again, like he knew… He tried to look away quickly, willing his cock not to grow… not that anyone would notice… But still, he often caught himself dreaming of Steve’s hands in his hair, pushing him down, down and level with his turgid prick. He wondered what the precum would taste like and licked his lips imagining… He couldn’t deny it much longer at all… the desire to suck dick overwhelmed him and he knew it was time to make those faggoty fantasies a raunchy reality.

Dragging You Out of the Closet

Does this remind you of someone, cocksucker? Yes… you… the wannabe faggot, eager for me to coerce you into cocksucking for my amusement and your own titillation. I know it’s hard to get the courage to discard your sexual subterfuge. I know you’ve had lots of practice at hiding in the closet, hiding your homoerotic desires from the world. But it’s time to step up and suck, isn’t it? We both know that’s why you’ve found me… your very own coerced bi mistress to tease and torment you into living your dream. I’m fully prepared to help you take that next step with a coached cocksucking phone sex session… down onto your knees and ready to please.

Ms Lauren ~~1-800-601-6975

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Coached Cumeating, A Safe Solution to Your Cocksucking Conundrum

So You Wanna Be a Cockucker?

So many wannabe cocksuckers ask me how to indulge their filthier fantasies safely. Now realistically, there’s no way to fag out safely in a gloryhole or bookstore. I’m not going to lecture on the dangers of unprotected sex, we all know that’s a VERY BAD idea. Even with condoms, sex with strangers is . . . → Read More: Coached Cumeating, A Safe Solution to Your Cocksucking Conundrum


Advice for Sissy Cocksucker Sluts Who Dress for SUCK-sess

Finding Your Sissy Soul Mate, Fantasy vs Reality

See, I know you’ve got that fantasy where you walk into a crowded room and your eyes meet his eyes. You move in slow motion into each other’s arms, the music playing is romantic… never mind how the music got there in the first place, lol… it’s a romantic . . . → Read More: Advice for Sissy Cocksucker Sluts Who Dress for SUCK-sess


Cumeaters Anonymous, A 12 Step Program to Self Cumeating Empowerment


Welcome to Cumeaters Anonymous

Welcome to your first meeting of Cumeaters Anonymous. If you’re new to the program, relax, it’s ok. We’re all here for the same reason… well you boys are, anyway. You’re here because you have an insatiable desire to eat your own cum. Every man you see here in this room eats his cum, . . . → Read More: Cumeaters Anonymous, A 12 Step Program to Self Cumeating Empowerment


Lots of Cocksucking Goodies from Your Coached Bi Mistress

TweetHey there cocksucker… it’s been a while! Oh, I haven’t forgotten my dirty little dicksuckers, trust me… you’re never far from my mind. I know without my coached cocksucking skills many of you will just hide in the closet and ignore your urges. But the desire to kneel and suck always tempts you, taunts you. The . . . → Read More: Lots of Cocksucking Goodies from Your Coached Bi Mistress


Today’s Featured Mistress – 10 Ways to Spend Your 10 Free Minutes


Free Phone Sex with Ms Lauren

Today’s my Featured Mistress day and I’m so excited to talk to all my stroker boys and get to know those of you who’ve never spoken with me. You’ll find my style sultry, sensual and sometimes even a little sadistic. It’s my desire to delve into your psyche and create your . . . → Read More: Today’s Featured Mistress – 10 Ways to Spend Your 10 Free Minutes


For the Cocksucker Wannabes


I Know What You’re Craving, Cocksucker

Hey there, faggot. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Do you see anyone else besides you staring at other guys’ junk? *giggle!* Thought so. I can tell by your blush that I’ve pegged you right. You’re a closet cocksucker-wannabe. I might have an iota of respect for you if you’d actually acted . . . → Read More: For the Cocksucker Wannabes


Embracing Your Cumeating Compulsion

Your First Taste of Cum

I want you to look back on an experience… that first time you tasted your own spunk, your very first experience with eating your own cum. Maybe you were just curious and a little experimental. That’s natural, everyone is. And maybe it didn’t become a habit, just another exciting thing to add . . . → Read More: Embracing Your Cumeating Compulsion


Hotter than Hell-oween Spooktacular at Enchantrix Empire!

TweetThe ladies of LDW/Enchantrix are hosting a Hotter than “Hell”oween Spooktacular and we’re inviting all of you to join us! October 31st from 12 noon to 12 am we will be having 12 hours of live cock radio!! That’s right 12 full hours of sexy ladies on the radio along with some special fun games and . . . → Read More: Hotter than Hell-oween Spooktacular at Enchantrix Empire!


Cocksucking Competition, Apply Within


Competitive Cocksucking

This one’s for all of you sports fans. I don’t enjoy sports much myself, but I know it’s one of those silly competitive things men enjoy. Maybe you’ve played or even coached in the past… but I don’t think it’s ever been a team like this. But this is exactly the kind of televised sports . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Competition, Apply Within