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Cumdumpsters Forced Bi Humiliation

Hello all your forced bi humiliation enthusiasts! I have so many good little cocksucking slaves, so it’s hard to write about all of you. But cumdumpster? Well, he’s special. Cumdumpster loves to troll the filthiest gloryholes he can find. Did I mention he had a fetish for filth as well? He seeks out the most vile bookstores, restrooms and public parks to suck and fuck. He’s aroused by the great unwashed and enjoys smelly cock to a degree that makes me want to barf when he tells me about it. He’s even sucked off homeless men! When cumdumpster calls me, I never know what to expect.

This past weekend when he called he was out on the prowl, cruising slummy city streets in search of the perfect cock to suck. A guy he saw on the street was giving him all the right signals that implied he wanted cumdumpster to gobble his knob. So we said goodbye and he promised to call me back later and tell me all about the cock he’d had. I knew he was dressed like a sissy slut beneath his clothes. I wondered what his new “friend” would think when he saw cumdumpster’s pink, lacy panties. He called me back about two hours later and said he could still taste the cum in his mouth.

He’d went to a dive bar with his new friend and they’d drank a bit then went back to his place. Cumdumpster said he was a little afraid, being in the bad part of town with a big, black stud leading the way. They went to his rathole of an apartment and cumdumster dropped to his knees and serviced his new friend. As he was sucking his cock, several of his new friend’s friends came over and expected cumdumpster to service them as well. He was scared of what they’d do if he didn’t, so he sucked them all off and even took a couple of their cocks inside his man-pussy. While it wasn’t what cumdumpster expected, it was certainly what he needed!

How about you? Do you have those forced bi desires that are driving you crazy? Share them with me, call Ms. Lauren for forced bi phone sex fantasy!

Ms Lauren ~~1-800-601-6975

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