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Sexual Subterfuge – Hiding Your Homoerotic Desires

Your Faggoty Fantasies Revealed

He’d pretended too long, he told himself. He’d spent far too many years pretending, going through the motions of alpha male masculinity. Sure, he looked the part, but deep inside he felt weak of knee in the presence of the real deal, a real man. Everyone treated him as equal, but sometimes… well, . . . → Read More: Sexual Subterfuge – Hiding Your Homoerotic Desires


Cocksucking Competition, Apply Within


Competitive Cocksucking

This one’s for all of you sports fans. I don’t enjoy sports much myself, but I know it’s one of those silly competitive things men enjoy. Maybe you’ve played or even coached in the past… but I don’t think it’s ever been a team like this. But this is exactly the kind of televised sports . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Competition, Apply Within


My Seductive Sanctuary for Cocksuckers

TweetWhen the urge hits you it’s undeniable. The compulsion to kneel, vulnerable and submissive, washes over you and you start looking for a safe outlet for your dicksucking desires. You say you’re not gay… it only excites you because it’s forbidden, taboo. I’ll take your word for it, but you have to know that the best . . . → Read More: My Seductive Sanctuary for Cocksuckers


Do Fag Boys Suck Cock Better?

TweetNow I’m all for female solidarity, so no ladies should take this as an insult. But… well, I’ve heard from loads and loads of straight men that coerced bi bitch boy cocksuckers, like many of my readers, DO suck cock MUCH better than any female. I’m not miffed at the least by this. In fact I find . . . → Read More: Do Fag Boys Suck Cock Better?


Not So Coerced Bi, Now Is It?

TweetNow I know some of you coerced bi humiliation junkies would just LOVE to lay the blame for your perverted proclivities on me, well… we both know that’s simply not fair! While I do enjoy helping dirty little dicksuckers come to terms with their desire to blow buff, built men, it does take two to tango. . . . → Read More: Not So Coerced Bi, Now Is It?


Little Stevie's Coerced Bi Confession

TweetOne of my delicious little cocksuckers shared this with me and asked me to share his forced bi adventure with all of you… Enjoy!

Dear Ms Lauren,

I’ve just had such a great night tonight that I just had to share it with you. I’ve been chatting to a guy online for a few weeks, talking about our . . . → Read More: Little Stevie’s Coerced Bi Confession


On Your Knees... It's Where You Belong!

TweetYes, that intense craving for cock you’re feeling makes you a filthy little faggot… and that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with a taste for schlong. In fact, I find it highly erotic when men get down on their knees to please that hard, throbbing monster cock. I love to watch first time cocksuckers devour their desire . . . → Read More: On Your Knees… It’s Where You Belong!


Conditioned to Suck Cock

TweetSo you’ve never had a cock in your mouth, but you’re curious. You know you haven’t the courage to go it alone… you’ve tried. You’ve went down to the adult bookstore and watched all the traffic in and out of the back room booths. You want so much to join them there on your knees, but . . . → Read More: Conditioned to Suck Cock


His First Blow Job... Learning to Love the Cock

TweetHe licked his lips and looked up at the hard, masculine man before him… nothing coerced bi about it, he’d begged to suck. Never had he imagined he’d be down on his knees in front of another man preparing to suck his cock until hot jets of spunk splattered his tonsils. Now, he couldn’t imagine being . . . → Read More: His First Blow Job… Learning to Love the Cock


Training You to Suck with My Strapon Cock

TweetI know some of you more cowardly wannabe cocksuckers wonder how you’ll ever get the courage to follow through with your coerced bi humiliation desires. Every single day I talk to boys just like you who want more than anything to live their dreams… but they simply don’t know how. They worry someone will see them, . . . → Read More: Training You to Suck with My Strapon Cock